Examining issues and trends keeping semiconductor executives up at night

Navigating market disruption

There are powerful, complicated macro forces at work in the semi-conductor landscape: slowing PC sales, intense mobile competition, the growth of the diverse embedded systems market. Each can be a hazard or an opportunity. Deloitte is here to help you keep up with these complicated challenges. Our video series not only explores semiconductor business trends, it also discusses strategies to navigate the complexity of semiconductor market disruption and capitalize on new opportunities, all tailored to the full spectrum of semiconductor leaders.

Explore the Video Series

The semiconductor landscape is changing. Macro forces such as slowing PC sales, intense competition in the mobile space and the growth of the diverse embedded systems market are contributing to a range of challenges keeping semiconductor executives up at night. The eight videos in the series explore the following topics:

  •  Adapting to evolving semiconductor market dynamics to gain competitive edge
  • Improving accuracy in semiconductor forecasting
  • Safeguarding semiconductor trade secrets in an increasing digital world
  • Looking beyond product innovation to semiconductor business model and customer experience innovation strategies
  • Elevating marketing’s impact across the broader semiconductor organization
  • Transforming semiconductor HR challenges into opportunities
  • Combating revenue leakage throughout semiconductor distribution channels
  • Maximizing return on development in semiconductor research and development

Watch the videos below to learn more about how to weather the storm of semiconductor market disruption.​

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