Beyond the fourth generation of mobile

The next wave of mobile services and technologies

Explore the next wave of mobile services and technologies, and short- and long-term strategies for Communication Service Providers as they move forward in the ever-changing and fast-paced mobile ecosystem. These strategies may help CSPs stay ahead of users' insatiable appetite for mobile data and faster connection speeds. In addition to mobile data and connection speeds, the report finds that CSPs need to consider strategies that likely are likely to better monetize and efficiently operate their networks.

The next wave of mobile

The proliferation and adoption of fourth generation Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile broadband services has steadily grown. Moreover, the adoption of new applications and services coupled with smartphone advancements has presented profound problems for Communication Service Providers. Download the report to explore: 

  • Simultaneous to 4G LTE deployments, CSPs need to assess additional growth and profitability levers.
  • The rising demand for mobile applications and services provides significant opportunities for CSPs to improve ROI.
  • CSPs considerations for LTE operational efficiency are distributed across many aspects of network and service operations with several specific operational challenges that need to be addressed.
  • Optimized LTE networks can help improve reuse of mobility infrastructure and prepare for the surging demand for higher speeds, spectrum and bandwidth.
  • Technology innovations have helped achieve enhanced bandwidth, increased spectral efficiency and increased coverage in LTE-Advanced; but challenges remain.


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While creative service offerings and personalized plans can attract customers, a deep understanding of the quality of services in an LTE network can help ensure optimal utilization of all network and data center infrastructure without compromising the end user’s quality of experience. Mechanisms for proactive service quality management and policy definitions can help assure multiple services delivered over multivendor and multidomain networks. The exploding data traffic generated by smart phones and connected devices needs to be managed by leveraging next-gen content delivery network architectures, as well as the ongoing innovations in LTE-Advanced. With a surgical focus on both revenue generating and operational efficiency initiatives in LTE deployments, CSPs can lead from the front and deliver innovative services, while offering the best in class user experience. 

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