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The Internet of Things, artificial intelligence/cognitive technologies, business model transformation, cyber risk, merger and separation trends, workplace and talent—these top trends among others will continue to be key drivers of technology innovation this year. To help you take full advantage, Paul Sallomi, Global Technology, Media and Telecommunications leader, discusses these hot topics in a number of insightful articles. If you’re looking for new business value, this is where you’ll find it.

Meet Paul Sallomi

Paul is vice chairman and the Global Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Industry leader for Deloitte LLP. He also serves as the US and Global Technology sector leader. In his roles, Paul helps clients transform their business and operating models to address the emergence of new, disruptive technologies. For nearly 25 years he has worked with clients in the technology, media, and telecommunications industry to shape and execute options for growth, performance improvement, regulatory compliance, and risk mitigation. Paul is passionate about client service and life-long learning. 

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Latest perspectives

Data flow and the big shift in business models
In this article, John Hagel, co-chairman, Deloitte Center for the Edge, and Paul Sallomi, vice chairman and US & Global Technology Sector leader, explore the business implications of ever-expanding flows of real-time data, suggesting that too many businesses are using these flows simply to do what they have always done cheaper and faster.

Dbriefs webcast: Flexible consumption: Transitioning to usage-based business models in a rapidly evolving marketplace
On August 31, Paul Sallomi hosted a webcast about some of the complex and interrelated business decisions associated with transitioning to flexible consumption business models. Listen to the recording to learn how to remain competitive as you make the transition.

Hot tech trends you need to know now
In this CMS Wire article, Paul Sallomi joins a number of influential executives from hot companies in the tech space to share his perspective on key technology trends for 2016.

2016 Technology industry outlook
Technology is not only fueling major business transformation across industries, it’s also changing how technology enterprises sell their products and services, operate, and plan for future growth.

Cognitive technologies in the technology sector
The technology sector’s interest in cognitive technologies is reaching fever pitch. Here’s how some tech companies are using cognitive technologies to create innovative new products and services, pursue new markets, and even reimagine their businesses.

CNBC Interview: Tech trends that swept through 2015
Paul Sallomi, global lead of the TMT industry at Deloitte, discusses technology trends and APAC's fastest growing tech companies in 2015.

Dreaming of the Internet of Things
Sunday Business Post | November 2015
Vice chairman of Deloitte, Paul Sallomi, says the emergence of the Internet of Things will offer unlimited opportunities for the way companies produce and sell their products.

3D opportunity for technology, media, and telecommunications
Technology, media, and telecommunications companies make additive manufacturing (AM) possible in the first place. Now, through innovations in content, software, fabrication techniques and systems, materials, and services, these firms have the chance to meaningfully shape AM adoption across industries.

Flashpoint: Taxing the Internet of Things
As the Internet of Things blurs the line between products and services, taxation may have a bigger impact than many expect. Here are some considerations that should be on every company’s radar.

How artificial intelligence is transforming the workplace
Paul Sallomi, US and Global Technology sector leader, recently sat down with Dan Damon, BBC journalist and host of the BBC’s “World Update” to share his perspectives on how cognitive computing is transforming the way we live and work.

CFO Insights: Capitalizing on the promise of the IoT
For CFOs, understanding the Internet of Things (IoT) and developing a point of view regarding its potential ramifications is essential. In this issue of CFO Insights, we will examine how the IoT can influence business models both in terms of cost saving and asset efficiency and in driving top-line growth.

Cutting your way to growth
Learn why more and more companies today are splitting into separate entities, selling off pieces of the business that are no longer core to operations, and yet still maintaining growth.

Artificial intelligence goes mainstream
A confluence of forces has propelled artificial intelligence into the business mainstream. Add it to the growing list of potentially disruptive forces CIOs can introduce into their organizations for commercial benefit. Paul Sallomi discusses in the Wall Street Journal CIO Journal.

When this happens, you know it’s time for a new job
Paul Sallomi answers the question: How do you know it's the right time to switch jobs? in Fortune's Leadership Insider network.

Is a 're-enterprization' of IT taking place?
Deloitte Vice Chairman Paul Sallomi offers his perspective on the evolving state of IT consumerization and a growing countertrend toward 're-enterprization.'

2015 Technology sector outlook
Enterprise quests for greater efficiency and competitive advantage through IT will drive significant tech sector growth in 2015 and beyond, says Paul Sallomi, Vice Chairman and US Technology leader, Deloitte Tax LLP.

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