Deloitte at CES 2018


Deloitte at CES® 2018

January 8-12, 2018 | Las Vegas, NV

CES, the renowned global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow, is the launch pad for innovation and new technology. Deloitte showcased emerging and disruptive technologies, smart cities, evolving personal mobility ecosystem, digital transformation, cyber risk, and more. Learn more about Deloitte's presence at CES 2018 and explore our latest content around hot button issues.

Deloitte 2018 CES technology and cross industry activities at a glance

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Smart Cities | Research Summit | Digital Hollywood | Mobile Industry Insights | Digital Reality | CMO

Smart Cities: Thriving in the future

Presented by Consumer Technology Association and Deloitte

CES 2018 launched CES Smart Cities, an immersive experience that allowed participants to feel like they were helping to build the cities of the future. The comprehensive experience featured an in-depth conference program, including two days of Smart Cities content being co-produced in collaboration with Deloitte, as well as a dedicated Smart Cities exhibit area.

Smart Cities session topics included:

  • The realities of implementing smart city solutions and perspective on topics like partnerships, governance, innovative financing, and cybersecurity
  • The future of mobility, which envisions a faster, cleaner, safer, cheaper way for people and goods to move around
  • ​How smart infrastructure, connected buildings and the businesses operating in these ecosystem are working together

For more information, visit the Smart Cities session page.

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Research Summit

Presented by Consumer Technology Association

CTA’s research summit gave executives from diverse industries a look at the trends and technologies at work at CES. The summit took a data-centric approach, offering insights on inflection points through quantitative and qualitative data. Deloitte leaders moderated two sessions, covering the following topics:

  • The state of cognitive in the enterprise
  • How technology-based business models drive market valuations

For more information, visit the Research Summit session page

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Digital Hollywood

Digital Hollywood attracts content anywhere, anytime on screens of any size. New platforms, innovative collaborations, and unexpected opportunities. All this and more was discussed at Digital Hollywood at CES. Deloitte leaders moderated two sessions, covering the following topics:

  • The next generation of OTT
  • Social media transforms entertainment marketing

For more information, visit the Digital Hollywood session page.

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Industry Insights—Mobile

Presented by Consumer Technology Association

Our lives are more connected than ever and demands on the networks continue to increase. How about the future? How will the roles of ecosystem players—consumers, product developers and service providers—evolve? Deloitte explored the possibilities at the connected ecosystem of the future session.

For more information, visit the Industry Insights page

AR|VR|MR: Digital Reality Delivers ROI

Sponsored by Deloitte

Today, augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality implementations are delivering billion dollar efficiencies for industries including technology, retail, travel, and automotive. Our clients, market leaders, and luminaries shared groundbreaking results and actual case studies where Digital Reality transformed corporate processes and yielded high value return on investment.

Session topics included:

  • Trendsetters for 2018
  • Ecosystem panel: Breakout technologies for 2018
  • Enterpise application panel: Delivering ROI with Digital Reality

For more information on the session, visit the Digital Reality page on CES, or contact us with your questions about Digital Reality. 


C Space Storytellers: CMO Panel

How do marketers need to approach technology as part of their business plan? Global brand executives came together to discuss best practices in data, analytics, and transparency and shared how their companies are approaching AI, AR, and VR.

For more information, visit the C Space Storytellers session page.

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