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Deloitte at Future in Review (FiRe)

A focus on data flows

The Future in Review (FiRe) conference covered the future in technology, including the global economy, cloud computing, biology and medical diagnostics, policy, sustainability, and other fields that contribute to technology outcomes. The focus for this year was on the “Future of Flows” and big data. Attendees learned new tools, technologies, and theories rooted in the study of flows.

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Deloitte sessions at FiRe 2016

Deloitte had a significant presence at FiRe this year, with sessions covering business model shifts, the reinvention of healthcare, and the transformation of mobility. Learn about the key industry and economic trends that were discussed:

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Redefining country GDP: National business models and IP flows

Meet the speakers

William Ribaudo, managing partner, Technology, Media and Telecommunications industry, Deloitte & Touche LLP  
Evan Anderson, INVNT/IP director of research, Strategic News Service  
Mark Anderson, Founder and CEO, Strategic News Service; and CEO, SNS Conference Corp.  
Hosted by: Ed Butler, presenter and senior broadcast journalist, BBC  

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Technology is changing how we view industry, value companies, and develop strategy

Download the PDF and explore the converging economy in industries and how technology is redrawing traditional market boundaries in our special letter.

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Flows and the big shift in business models

Meet the speakers

John Hagel III, director and co-chair, Deloitte Center for the Edge LLP  
Paul Sallomi, vice chairman, Global TMT Industry leader, and US & Global Technology sector leader, Deloitte Tax LLP  
Hosted by: Ivy Estabrooke, executive director, Utah Science, Technology and Research Agency (USTAR)

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Flow and the big shift in business models

Explore the business implications of ever-expanding flows of real-time data in our special letter. 

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Treat the patient, not the disease: How technology, incentives, and business models will enable data flows and reinvent healthcare

Meet the speakers

Glenn Snyder, Medical Technology segment leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP  
Michael E. Raynor, director, Monitor Deloitte  
Hosted by: Larry Smarr, director, Calit2 and the Qualcomm Institutes, UCSD  

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Autonomous cars: Social transformation and industry displacement

Meet the speakers

Craig Giffi, vice chairman, US Automotive leader, Deloitte LLP  
Hosted by: Robert Anderson, chairman and CEO, Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technologies and HEVT LLC  

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