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Tech Intercepts conference 2019: AI in action

May 30, 2019 | Menlo Park, CA

How is artificial intelligence (AI) making an impact in your organization? Our third-annual Tech Intercepts event will take a closer look at real-world applications of AI across the technology, media, and telecommunications industry.

Tech Intercepts 2019

AI is becoming critically important to business success. AI adopters continue to ramp up investments—and are seeing positive returns in several areas including revenue generation, innovation, and operational excellence. But that doesn’t mean the journey is always easy. How can your company address the challenges and maximize the opportunities of AI?

Join us for a practical look at all things AI—from industry use cases to the economic value it can create for your organization. Hear stories from the frontline and network with your peers who are also on the journey of AI adoption.

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Paul Sallomi

Paul Sallomi

Global Tech, Media, & Telecom Industry Leader

Paul is the global technology, media, and telecommunications industry leader and US technology sector leader for Deloitte LLP. He has spent more than a quarter century working with companies in the te... More