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CIOs rarely have time to rest. There’s always something evolving – from technology innovation and new business practices to emerging security threats and cost pressures – any one of which can have a significant impact on information technology (IT) and the entire business. To help CIOs keep pace with the latest developments and trends, we offer a mix of innovative thinking and practical advice for CIOs – all designed to help you turn new developments in the IT landscape into more value for your business.

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Transforming business with technology

CIOs help their organizations solve business challenges using technology. So do we. From disruptive new technologies to running a world class IT organization, and everything in between. By combining business process excellence, IT effectiveness, business transformation and business innovation, we help clients create sustainable business value.

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M&A trends 
While 2016 may have started out at a tepid rate, October 2016 became the busiest month ever for domestic M&A with its unprecedented wave of transactions. With that, acquisition of technology assets surges in importance as a top strategic driver of M&A. Will this momentum be sustained? According to the results of Deloitte's survey, M&A activity is poised to accelerate. 

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When leaders fail to effectively tap diverse work styles and perspectives, performance can suffer. To help leaders claim this lost value, Deloitte created a system called Business Chemistry that identifies four primary work styles and related strategies for accomplishing shared goals. In this article, we lay out the value that each style offers, address the challenges of bringing people with different styles together, and describe how to capitalize on the cognitive diversity in your organization.

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Business chemistry
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