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Published by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and sponsored by Deloitte, CIO Journal is a premium news and information service for Chief Information Officers and senior business executives interested in technology. In addition to news from WSJ’s tech journalists and aggregated news from Dow Jones, CIO Journal features daily insights and analysis from Deloitte.

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    Watch video interviews published on the WSJ CIO Journal on navigating disruption, digital reality, and the evolving role of CIOs.

    Recent articles

    Navigating Disruption
    Staying afloat in today’s turbulent waters can require companies to find new ways to keep up with ever-changing customer demands. For CIOs, that means being willing to embrace new IT operating models and staying laser-focused on the task at hand.

    Exciting Prospects for Digital Reality
    The possibilities for digital reality technologies are seemingly endless, from entertainment opportunities in the home to far-ranging enterprise applications that could arm employees with the information they need, when and where they need it, enabling them to operate more efficiently in the workplace.

    ExxonMobil VP of IT: Strive to Inspire
    The ability to inspire sets true leaders apart, and in this digital era, it’s an increasingly essential part of the CIO role, according to ExxonMobil Vice President of Information Technology Mike Brown. He believes that, with the right leadership and the right direction, there’s virtually no limit to what employees can do.

    Rent-A-Center CIO: Flaunt Your Tech IQ
    The CIO role has evolved to emphasize business acumen, but today, more than ever, organizations need their IT leaders to understand the technologies at the heart of business transformation, says Rent-A-Center CIO Angela Yochem.

    Tech Fluency in IT and Beyond
    These days, everyone from technologists to business leaders can benefit from a solid baseline level of technology knowledge. Tech fluency can help professionals across all business functions understand and communicate more effectively with colleagues and customers.

    A time of change, growth for CIOs
    Large-enterprise CIOs are operating in a time of unprecedented change and opportunity for themselves and their IT organizations. Success hinges as much on self-awareness and a growth mindset as it does on technical acumen and the capacity to deliver IT capabilities.

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