Renewing SAP assets to unleash innovation and growth

Core renaissance

Increasingly, SAP customers are leveraging several methodical approaches to modernize and extract more value from their core systems. Undertaken as part of a strategic “core renaissance” effort, these approaches can help companies breathe new life into legacy assets, pay down technical debt, and fuel innovative new services and offerings.

Revitalizing legacy systems

​We have entered a period of rapid-fire innovation, with cloud, mobile, analytics, and other forces implemented on the edge of the business fueling disruption and new opportunities. Increasingly, organizations are modernizing core systems and replatforming solutions to remove barriers to scale and performance, and extending their legacy infrastructures to fuel innovative new services and offerings. Similarly, they are rethinking established business processes to better align them with modernized solutions stacks. For these organizations, it’s not about just doing the same things differently, but doing fundamentally different things.

SAP’s continued investment in its own product portfolios is helping fuel these renewal efforts. By rolling out new versions of its core business solutions and investing in products like S/4HANA business suite, hybris for digital commerce and marketing, Ariba for cloud-based sourcing and procurement, Fiori for user experience, and BusinessObjects BI Suite for business intelligence, the company is providing a toolkit that can help existing customers boost their capabilities and modernize their cores. The challenge, then, becomes determining how these and other new solutions can create measurable, attributable value by addressing existing problems, unlocking new possibilities, and driving new efficiencies.

To be clear, legacy core systems are not relics from the technological dark ages. Far from it. They are, and can continue to be, the backbone of the enterprise—critical to current and future success. Core renaissance is about revitalizing the systems at the core to become drivers of differentiation and growth.

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