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Case studies

Discovering a healthier way to manage applications

Thermo Fisher Scientific client spotlight

Thermo Fisher Scientific needed to rein in the complexity and cost of managing its applications. The solution? An outsourced approach that balanced tactical experience with strategic know-how.

    ​Deloitte understood our vision and the way we operate down to a level of detail that was very impressive.
    - Manoj Prasad, Vice President, Managing Applications and Test Group, Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Impacts from Transformation

    • Improved customer service
    • Increased responsiveness
    • Greater flexibility
    • Simplified, lower-cost application management support through an outsourced model

    A partnership is born

    As the vice president responsible for managing applications at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Manoj Prasad sought to simplify his company’s application management landscape and do more with less IT budget. While he knew that a fresh look at outsourcing held the key to overcoming this challenge, he was concerned about selecting the best partner.

    “My biggest fear was not having the right resources and right sponsorship,” he says. “If we could align ourselves with those two critical components, we would succeed.”

    Prasad carefully created a short list of possible partners. Cost was a primary consideration, but he knew that the best candidate would have a solid blend of tactical and strategic experience.

    “We wanted to make sure that we were picking a company with an exceptional breadth of knowledge,” says Prasad. “We didn’t need to partner with an organization that was highly skilled in one or two applications and didn’t know anything about the rest.”

    After meeting with the Deloitte AMS, Prasad knew that he’d found the partner who could keep this leading provider of biomedical research, applied science, and clinical products focused on the road ahead.

    It was very clear that Deloitte had a rigorous recruitment and training process to maintain a high level of quality throughout the consulting team. And they are able to retain these employees and still give us the cost break that we are all looking for these days.
    - Manoj Prasad, Vice President, Managing Applications and Test Group, Thermo Fisher Scientific

    ​Breathing new life into applications management

    As the Thermo Fisher Scientific and Deloitte AMS team began to work together, Prasad started to see a host of improvements across the organization—from cost benefits to improved customer service to more flexibility in adding new products to its e-commerce portfolio.

    “The team has been very responsive,” he says. “For example, we had a bug in one of our critical systems, SAP Learning Management System. I contacted Deloitte AMS and asked if they could provide advice within the next several hours. Instead, they identified the right person and sent me an e-mail saying that someone was available to talk right now. This is what makes the difference. Going out of their way to help is what matters.”

    Now, Thermo Fisher Scientific is also able to act more quickly. Because of the Deloitte AMS team’s emphasis on rapid decision making, Thermo Fisher Scientific has been able to take on more complex projects without the added downtime that waiting for a decision-maker typically creates.

    “The relationship is working out very well,” he says. “I’ve dealt with many, many traditional offshore companies who may be good tactically but struggle with strategy. With Deloitte AMS, I can rely on their strategic work, and that’s been a key value for our IT organization and for Thermo Fisher Scientific.”

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