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Build Capabilities

Creating a sustaining path for growth

In the increasing competitive market, it has become critical to build capabilities that can place your business ahead of competition. Deloitte solutions feature capabilities that empower our clients to realize strategic goals through rapid, consistent, and high-quality delivery of analytics and information delivery services by building talent and increasing capacity.

Building capabilities for your business allows you to focus on strategic goals

Building capabilities for Analytics + Information Management can help clients to build and implement capabilities to take advantage of evolving and disruptive technologies, stay competitive, and differentiate themselves. In order to help clients achieve this, we offer targeted services that help you define your organization's analytics and information management strategy:

Our subofferings include:

  • Target Operating Model and Change Management: Clarify and illuminate the capabilities and supporting operating models that are essential for data and analytics-enabled growth, efficiency, and effectiveness and support the change management process
  • Center of Excellence (COE) and Shared Services Co-Sourcing and Talent Development: Help assess multidisciplined talent demands and organize and develop resource pools in ways that will maximize efficiency and effectiveness of your most valuable assets
  • Agile Delivery: Enable clients to embed an Agile delivery framework and approach within their organization to execute iteratively and use nimble tools to allow stakeholders to see and shape solutions as developed
  • Studio Services and Labs: Embed data and analytics studio services within a client organization to help clients rapidly assess and implement priority use cases, applying innovative technologies and data science techniques using their own data
  • Portfolio and Program Management: Provide the roll out and execution of program and project management methodologies, approaches, and structures to manage complex change efforts with efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation
  • Crowd Sourcing: Harness the power of the crowd for innovation and expedite the pace of execution using an exponentially diverse resource pool of internal and external capacity


How can we help build Analytics + Information Management capabilities for you?

The first question that clients usually ask us is "What capabilities do I need to address business challenges?"

At Deloitte, we continually improve the efficiency of technology delivery that can enable business strategies with reduced cost. We leverage data-driven insights to uncover novel business opportunities that can propel growth and provide timely response to regulatory demands without compromising agility to develop new capabilities. We help clients rethink traditional operating models to become more agile and insight driven.

Clients also ask, "How can I align investments to maximize growth?"

We implement multidisciplinary talent models that can flex based on business demand and technology evolution and deliver modernized analytical platforms using new technologies that lower the total cost of ownership and broaden capabilities. This helps our clients to align investment with strategic objectives to focus on initiatives that will have meaningful impact.

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Potential Deloitte Benefits

  • Capability and Skills: We improve resource utilization by aligning skill sets to critical needs and standardizing delivery approaches. We can help clients decrease new talent acquisition cost by building skills of existing employees, while improving throughput
  • Capacity and Scale: We facilitate the transition from traditional approaches by providing specialists to coach and train organizations on the adoption of agile methods through scalable, interactive training
  • Cost Efficiency: We can help clients increase return on investment (ROI) on analytics investments by reducing maintenance costs and shifting routine spend to value spend. Total cost of ownership can be reduced by improving IT and business efficiency and reducing inefficiency.
  • Productivity: We help clients improve responsiveness to business needs by reducing the cycle time from inception to delivery and increasing accuracy in meeting customer needs.
  • Innovation and Growth: We demonstrate "art of the possible" from data and technology perspectives to uncover hidden insights, reveal new possibilities, and provoke action. We rapidly prototype new business concepts by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, innovation lab resources, and preintegrated infrastructure.
  • Governance: We accelerate deployment of intake processes to coordinate activity, facilitate prioritization, and balance investments across the organization.
  • Quality: We can help reduce delivery risk by defining, collecting, and monitoring performance and quality metrics that provide visibility into the health of the programs. We also provide insight into the ongoing value generated from analytic assets and their alignment to the organization's strategy

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