Application Modernization: Application Discovery Services

Application Discovery tool helps automate assessment of legacy code

Organizations often struggle with outdated code across their legacy systems. Deloitte’s Application Discovery solution uses automated diagnostic tools to capture information needed to prepare for legacy code modernization. By mapping application interactions and interdependencies, it helps create a roadmap that can reduce risk during the Transformation phase.

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The first step in your modernization journey

A discovery assessment is typically the starting point of a modernization initiative. The solution gathers information that includes current technologies, lines of business, programming languages, database-management systems, interfaces, and third-party software. Using these findings, Application Discovery creates a visual diagram of the mainframe environment, including code dependencies and complexity. The assessment helps rationalize the application portfolio and architecture in ways that can help organizations plan the general direction of future-state technology transformation.

Application Discovery

The potential business benefits of Application Discovery

Discovery can reduce risk during code modernization by helping you understand the structure and interdependencies of legacy applications. It creates an inventory of all technical assets, which can help improve maintenance and operations, and delivers a strategy for future-state IT and modernization.

After performing the diagnostic, our Application Modernization team conducts a Q&A session to clarify findings and answer questions raised by the assessment. Discovery is typically completed within six weeks, which allows you to get a prompt start on legacy code transformation.


The right tools, team, and experience

Deloitte is uniquely positioned to help you plan and implement a low-risk legacy code modernization that’s aligned with your current and future business needs. In addition to our proprietary Application Discovery methodologies and technologies, we assemble collaborative global teams that combine industry experience with highly specialized technical skills. They’re supported by professionals in our Application Modernization studios, which are based in Austin, TX, and Senden, Germany.

Finally, as a single-source provider, Deloitte manages all team activities as part of the workstream.

Our Application Modernization team uses Discovery results to design and implement an end-to-end transformation tailored to the needs of individual organizations.

Legacy modernization, start anywhere.

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