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Application Modernization: Legacy DevOps Services

Using DevOps methodologies in legacy systems and modern environments

Developers need to be able to work in a modern DevOps environment on both mainframe and open-systems platforms. Legacy DevOps, one of Deloitte’s Application Modernization suite of solutions powered by innoWake™, helps streamline the code-change lifecycle by providing developers with automated tools to manage development and deployment.

Deloitte named a strong performer in Application Modernization and Migration Services by independent research firm. Read the press release.

More efficient, less complex development

Legacy DevOps delivers automated, error-free builds by continuously integrating new and updated code with a central code repository. It then deploys the code into the production environment for testing.

Legacy DevOps offers a unified integrated development environment (IDE) for legacy code on open systems and mainframes. It uses the standard Eclipse framework, which makes legacy code immediately accessible to modern developers and helps familiarize legacy developers with modern languages.

Application Modernization: Legacy DevOps

The business benefits of Legacy DevOps

Legacy DevOps offers automated capabilities that can increase the productivity and accuracy of your development team. New and updated code are continuously integrated with a central code repository, which helps deliver automated, error-free builds that can be quickly deployed. The solution’s automated testing features can reduce costs and speed deployment by detecting defects early. Automation also helps eliminate human error and improve application performance, contributing to operational efficiencies and reduced costs.

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The right tools, team, and experience

Deloitte is uniquely positioned to help you plan and implement a low-risk legacy-code modernization that’s aligned with your current and future business needs. In addition to our DevOps methodologies and technologies, we assemble collaborative teams with global reach that combine industry experience with highly specialized technical skills. They’re supported by professionals in our Application Modernization studios, which are based in Austin, TX, and Senden, Germany.

Finally, as a single-source provider, Deloitte manages all team activities as part of the workstream.

Legacy DevOps comprises a proprietary set of automated tools and processes that help improve timeliness and accuracy of software delivery—and ultimately accelerate your application modernization journey.

Legacy modernization, start anywhere.

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