Application Modernization: Mining Services

Determine the best approach to legacy system modernization through mining

Are your legacy applications a good fit for modernization? Deloitte’s Application Modernization Mining solution uses advanced analysis tools to assess your legacy code and identify opportunities for business process modernization. Then it creates a holistic view of technical and business requirements for a low-risk, cost-effective migration strategy.

Business intelligence and data mining

Deloitte’s Application Modernization Mining solution can reveal unknown aspects of your codebase and data to help you understand how legacy code impacts business functions. We combine these insights with our business knowledge and experience to develop a cost-effective modernization roadmap.

Application Modernization Mining uses advanced analysis and code-abstraction tools to deliver deep understanding of how an application executes business processes through code. The solution first identifies relevant modules and code areas that contain business rules. Using business rules externalization, Mining extracts identified functional logic from the codebase to expose business knowledge that has been modified over the years, often without documentation.

Application Modernization: Mining

The potential business benefits of Mining

Application Modernization Mining helps organizations understand the technical aspects of legacy applications so they can plan effective migrations and lower potential risks. The solution delivers an in-depth analysis to determine if a system is a good fit for automated code migration. It uses intuitive visualizations to improve project quality and identify trends and patterns that will help teams develop high-impact features and services. Mining also examines legacy code to discover and prioritize potential business risks.


Mining legacy, moving to the future

As businesses continue to adjust their operations during the coronavirus recovery phase, Gartner predicts they’ll spend more on cloud services and less on in-house servers.1 But with 60 percent of business transactions being run on COBOL, Natural, and other legacy software languages,2 can a cost-effective transformation to legacy modernization be realized?

With Application Modernization Mining powered by innoWakeTM, it can. Here’s how we’ve helped clients overhaul their legacy systems and begin their modernization journey:

The right tools, team, and experience

Deloitte is uniquely positioned to help you plan and implement a low-risk legacy code modernization that’s aligned with your current and future business needs. For each Mining project, we assemble a collaborative global team that combines deep industry experience with highly specialized technical skills. They’re supported by professionals in our Application Modernization studios, which are based in Austin, TX, and Senden, Germany.

In addition, as a single-source provider, Deloitte manages all team activities as part of the workstream.

Our Application Modernization team uses Mining results to design and implement an end-to-end transformation tailored to the needs of individual organizations.


1Gartner Says Worldwide IT Spending to Decline 7.3% in 2020,” Gartner, Inc., July 13, 2020.
2 Insight from Deloitte’s New-Venture Accelerator (DNA).

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