Deloitte’s Technology Guild Program

Applying disruptive technologies to real-world ambitions

The Technology Guild Program digs deeply into emerging technologies that are disrupting our clients’ businesses. Fostering a global, collaborative, technology community, the Technology Guild Program helps members master their craft, ideate, and build a collection of assets that solve real-world problems.

Mastering disruptive technologies

New technologies continue to emerge at a breathtaking pace, pushing aside old business models and forcing companies to adapt. The Technology Guild Program is one way we empower Deloitte professionals to get hands-on experience while working with the disruptive technologies of the future that will shape business strategy for the world’s largest private and government organizations.

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A powerful initiative

Modeled after guilds from medieval times, Deloitte’s Technology Guild Program is comprised of focused guilds, or communities of specialists and passionate apprentices who spend time learning and working with technologies that are transforming how organizations operate. The guilds are action-oriented, fostering collaboration, ideation, experimentation, and the development of prototypes. They are an effective way to hone technology skills and prepare for contributing ideas and expertise to projects for some of the world’s leading organizations. The benefits of leveraging the Technology Guild Program for our clients include:

  • Rapid response to changing technology needs
  • Ability to leverage resources for individual projects
  • Shared educational opportunities for clients
  • Rapid prototyping and innovative approaches to problem solving 
  • Research and insights on emerging technologies

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Active tech guilds

Deloitte professionals are engaging in communities aligned with priority domains:

  • Blockchain Guild
  • Cloud Native Development Guild
  • Machine Learning Guild

Demonstrating value: Machine Learning Guild

In addition to offering continuous learning opportunities in the latest areas of machine learning, the guild encourages members to apply their skills in client projects or pro bono initiatives. Guild members have participated in high-profile machine learning challenges from several Guild for Good partners:

  • New York–based disease research center: A recently established center for disease-specific research tasked teams with developing analytical models to identify potential patterns of genes and cells that can lead to the disease.
  • Opioid Crisis Hackathon: The Opioid Crisis Hackathon challenged teams to develop a highly predictive model to understand epidemic drivers and recommend actions to reduce overdoses.
  • Diversity focused coding initiative: Members of the guild developed a model that predicted a success score for program applicants that could be factored into the prioritization process.

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