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Senior Vice President | Deloitte CRG

Andrew Lee Feller

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Andrew is an aerospace manufacturing and supply chain advisor with deep experience in industrial hardware, aerospace, and electronics manufacturing where he has implemented lean manufacturing and supply chain methods to enable efficient volume production of satellites, airframes, and turbine components. In his role as an advisor he has worked with clients to drive production and business process designs and improvements. He is a lean practitioner and implementer of high-tech process and industrial systems for factory cost and cycle time performance improvement.

Some of his roles and accomplishments include:

  • Interim management of EMS production facility of 400 employees: increased production from $2 million to $5.5 million per month in four months to build inventory buffer before transferring programs to a China facility and implemented a plant shutdown including $1.7 million errors and omissions (E&O) recovery, $1.2 million equipment auction, transfers of equipment to China, and facility remediation
  • Implemented production and distribution inventory management/pull system and S&OP processes for a domestic producer and importer of consumer packaged foods to drive a 50 percent reduction in inventory and improved customer responsiveness
  • Led program management, production, supply chain, flight software and test information systems, and lean manufacturing operations for a multi-billion dollar satellite production and launch program that built and launched 72 satellites in one year
  • Planned the startup of an $850 million greenfield aerospace sheet metal processing facility for a major aerospace firm
  • Designed, staffed, and started up a modular data center production facility to a rate of 150 modules per year and over $200 million in value produced in three years despite two factory moves including all processes and information systems
  • Developed and implemented a portfolio of improvement projects for a troubled division at a leading aerospace electronics company, re-engineering their supply chain using lean methods and delivering over $10 million in margin improvement

Core Qualifications

  • Industrial engineer with leadership experience
  • Factory design, startup & improvement projects
  • Rapid ramp of production & supply operations
  • Design of industrial and management processes
  • Implementation of critical enterprise systems
  • Process improvement (Lean, Six Sigma, ISO)
  • Factory cost, scrap, setup, and cycle time reduction
  • Team evaluation, education, and development
  • Lean supply network integration & improvement
  • Process modeling, simulation, and analysis


  • Andrew is the author of a number of journal articles and book chapters including “Electronic Business Transaction Infrastructure Analysis using Petri Nets and Simulation”, “Petri-net Translation Patterns for the Analysis of eBusiness Collaboration Messaging Protocols”, “Value Chains versus Supply Chains”, “A Distributed Information System Architecture for Collaborative Design”, and Meta-modeling Systems Analysis Primitives


Industrial Engineering Degrees:

  • B.S.E., Arizona State University
  • M.S., Arizona State University
  • Ph.D., Arizona State University
Andrew Lee Feller