Brett Haan

Government and Public Services Telecommunications Sector Leader

Principal | Deloitte Consulting

Brett Haan

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Brett Haan is an expert in domestic and international telecommunication engagements. His relevant international experience extends from organizations such as USAID, the EU, and the World Bank, to telecommunications projects in the Middle East, South Asia, and Europe, including reconfiguring or re-allocating large blocks of radio spectrum for commercial and public safety use, and recent projects in Bahrain and Mexico, developing nationwide wholesale networks. He also serves as the Program Director of the 800 MHz Transition Administrator for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Throughout his career, Mr. Haan has served all of the major telecommunications companies in the U.S. as well as worked with private equity and investment banks on the development of public-private partnerships. He has also led the development and publication of several Deloitte white papers, including ones on spectrum, deep fiber, and 5G. Prior to Deloitte Consulting, Mr. Haan worked at the FCC's International Bureau, supporting a range of initiatives related to licensing and regulatory functions for international telecommunications programs and policies.

Brett Haan