Jamie Breshears

Senior Manager | Human Capital

Jamie Breshears

2200 Ross Ave.

Suite 1600



United States


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Jamie is a senior manager in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Learning & Career Mobility practice. He leads Deloitte's AdeptPro product offering, which is a suite of pre-built learning offerings called "digital boot camps" that are designed to develop workforce capabilities for Deloitte clients. Jamie helps clients understand the impact of the Future of Work on their organization and identify how to acquire and build the required capabilities. He assists clients in developing strategies to maximize the learner experience to enhance employee engagement and productivity while optimizing the effectiveness and efficiency of learning programs. Jamie supports and challenges clients to use design thinking principles to reimagine learning through custom experiences, content curation, the use of delivery platforms, and by critically considering the people and technology capabilities required to enable and deliver the desired experiences.

Jamie Breshears