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Managing Director | Deloitte CRG

Kevin Barrentine

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With more than 20 years of experience developing and implementing operational improvement plans, Kevin has enhanced business performance for numerous companies through revenue growth, increased operating profit, and improved working capital productivity. His strong financial and operational skills enable him to quickly identify and address complex business problems in a variety of industries.

Kevin has provided operational and financial services in both out-of-court and Chapter 11 restructurings. He has advised and collaborated with management on a number of occasions, served as an interim manager in several industries, and served as financial advisor to several large senior creditors.

A few noteworthy accomplishments include: 

  • Chief restructuring officer (CRO) of a $700 million vegetable company
  • Managed the bankruptcy process, resulting in a confirmed Plan of Reorganization, for the largest concrete pumping company in the country
  • Led the marketing and sale of a $290 million 135-location convenience store chain in Chapter 11 proceedings, where his unique sales process yielded proceeds 50 percent higher than projected
  • Chief operating officer (COO) and interim chief financial officer (CFO) of a $1.5 billion automotive services company, where he led the company to restructure its business and position itself for growth
  • Provided restructuring services for a $165 million food company during its Chapter 11 proceedings
  • Advisor for a $130 million retail pharmacy chain with 51 locations during its Chapter 11 proceedings, where he led the sale of each location and negotiated with the secured lender
  • Provided operational and financial strategies for a $150 million furniture manufacturer, where he developed the overall manufacturing improvement plan and operational strategy
  • Developed and implemented Lean Manufacturing initiatives for numerous manufacturing companies

Previously, Kevin was vice president of a supply chain management practice, where he was responsible for due diligence assessments, technical solution design, and internal development. Prior to that, he worked for a multinational consulting company. In these positions, Kevin provided private equity groups, financial institutions, and corporations with operational improvement initiatives that greatly increased their value.


BS, University of Arkansas

Kevin Barrentine