Kishore Rao

Lead Client Service Partner for USAID and US-IDO

Kishore Rao

1919 North Lynn Street

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United States


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Kishore is a principal in Deloitte Consulting LLP. He serves as the LCSP for the US Agency for International Development and International Donor (US-IDO) accounts—including US foreign assistance agencies, development banks, and international organizations. He is also the Global IDO Sector leader for Deloitte. Kishore has more than 30 years of experience working for international organizations, multinational corporations, and private foundations in over 70 countries. He focuses on emerging market entry; social impact; global trade and investment; regional cooperation; industry innovation and competitiveness; economic zones and hubs; public-private partnerships and private infrastructure development; and emerging technology strategies. Previously, he was a vice president at BearingPoint leading the Middle East and North Africa practice and CEO of a boutique international consultancy. Kishore has experience in the aviation, maritime, media, offshoring services, real estate, infrastructure, manufacturing, energy/utilities, and transportation industries. He holds a BA in Economics from Reed College and an MBA from Georgetown University.

Kishore Rao