Nicholas Long

Legal Business Services

Managing Director | Deloitte Tax LLP

Nicholas Long

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Nick Long is a Managing Director in Deloitte Tax’s Legal Business Services practice. Prior to joining Deloitte, Nick was the Senior Director of Legal Operations for a large, international law firm. And prior to serving in that role, he was a partner in that firm focused on mergers and acquisitions and general corporate matters. He was also a director of that firm’s wholly-owned technology subsidiary.

Nick’s unique background as both a practicing attorney and an operations professional gives him unique insight into the business of law. Nick combines his experience with mergers and acquisitions and contracts to drive further value for his clients.

As part of his role as Senior Director of Legal Operations, Nick spent significant time focused on how the combination of people, process, technology, and data can improve the delivery and receipt of legal services for everyone involved in the legal ecosystem. He not only helped design contract management solutions and workflow solutions for clients, but he also ran a team of critical support attorneys. He is also a frequent speaker and participant at a variety of events related to innovation in the legal industry.

Nicholas Long