Stories of connection


By Donna Glass
Deloitte Global Risk Advisory Leader

In a highly interconnected, technology-driven world, it is difficult to solve problems in isolation. A perfect example is cybersecurity.

There was a time when cyber was viewed by business leaders as simply an information technology issue. No longer. We have moved from an era of compliance to an era of managing cyber risk to now an era of managing complexity. Information technology and operation technology have converged, pushing cyber to the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

As cyber risk permeates every aspect of our lives, organizations are motivated to align cyber initiatives with their managements’ digital priorities to achieve their business outcomes. Cyber has become the hub connecting multiple dimensions across multiple disciplines—into the products companies create, the factories where they make them, the spaces where their employees design them, and where and how their customers use them.

To successfully manage a business in an era of interconnectedness and complexity, organizations need to adopt a “cyber everywhere” mentality and fully understand the threats and risks that may impact their critical business functions. Company leaders need to regard cyber as a broad operational issue and business enabler and incorporate it into their strategies accordingly. Those who do will be confident in the knowledge they have created a secure and resilient organization fit to succeed in a digital world.

When a cyber threat does arise, creating an effective response can be complicated and difficult to coordinate. That’s where Deloitte excels. Deloitte delivers a full range of cyber services, integrating specialists from a full range of disciplines. Working together, Deloitte’s multidisciplinary teams bring deep sector knowledge and in-depth proficiency in areas including technology consulting, strategy and governance, digital, analytics, data and privacy, cloud, forensics, financial crime, incident response, mergers and acquisitions, audit and more.

Deloitte also draws upon external ecosystem relationships to supplement its offerings with a wide range of cyber risk technologies, software, applications and innovations. Strategic alliances with many of the world’s largest and best-known tech companies—combined with a fully integrated cyber solutions business—give Deloitte the insight, experience and ability to face any scenario.

Using human insight, technological innovation and comprehensive solutions, Deloitte helps clients perform better by resolving complex problems so they can build confident futures. Smarter, faster, more connected futures. Better futures never thought possible—for business, for people and for our planet.

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