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Our Seven Signals

Our seven Signals are what make us unique, engaging, and successful – they are at the very heart of the Deloitte culture.

Our Seven Signals

The Signals are an invaluable guide to positive behaviour and when taken as a whole, can profoundly change our capacity to act. They inform the way we do business, inspire us to draw strength from each other, and enable us to deliver outstanding value to our clients, market, and communities.

The Signals are acknowledged as being not only about our time at Deloitte but also relevant throughout our entire professional lives.

Continuously grow and improve

We seek new challenges along with innovative ways of adapting to change, and commit to lifelong learning through the three G’s: Grow the Business, Grow the Team, and Grow Yourself. To do this we:

  • Continuously provide constructive feedback and act with the future in mind
  • Encourage our people to actively seek new challenges outside their areas of expertise
  • Embrace new ideas and are prepared to take risks
  • Actively coach, mentor and encourage creative thinking
  • Think laterally and contribute innovative ideas to drive the direction of our business.

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Have fun and celebrate

We have fun at work, and celebrate our achievements and personal milestones, both big and small. To do this we:

  • Embrace a playful culture with a serious intent
  • Reward and recognise positive behaviour and successes
  • Encourage our colleagues to strive to produce their best work
  • Provide opportunities to contribute to the community
  • Celebrate the diversity of our people.

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Aim to be famous

Deloitte’s differentiation rests on the diverse capabilities of our people. We aim to be famous, both individually and as a firm. To do this we:

  • Are known for deep specialisation within the marketplace
  • Focus on “we” rather than “I”
  • Develop and express a clear point of view
  • Acknowledge others’ fame
  • Relentlessly focus on results and improvements.

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Play to win - think globally

Every relationship we enter, and every opportunity we encounter, is approached with confidence and a winning attitude based on our knowledge, skills and global partnerships. To do this we:

  • Believe in our ability to win
  • Foster meaningful relationships and networks, both locally and globally
  • Challenge the norms to deliver superior offerings to clients
  • Collaborate and act beyond the boundaries of teams and local markets
  • Deliver on our promises.

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Talk straight

Talk straight means open, regular, honest and constructive two-way communication throughout the firm, at all levels, and between us and our clients. To do this we:

  • Tell it like it is, with empathy and respect
  • Communicate honestly while mindful of the impact
  • Have no hidden agendas and seek the truth
  • Stand up for what we believe in
  • Speak positively of others and respect each others’ differences.

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Empower and trust

At Deloitte we encourage ownership and pride by empowering our teams, providing guidance and support, and entrusting responsibility and authority to all our people. To do this we:

  • Take personal accountability for our actions
  • Give and delegate authority
  • Foster trust through authentic leadership
  • Build confidence in each other
  • Act responsibly and ethically.

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Recruit and retain the best

Our continuing success requires us to engage, retain and grow talent communities through a constant inflow of expert, innovative and creative people who make a positive and valuable impact in our firm and for our clients. To do this we:

  • Foster an environment where talent thrives
  • Pro-actively seek opportunities to identify and attract ‘like minds’
  • Encourage innovative learning experiences through the shared wisdom of our people
  • Act as brand champions and invite others to do so
  • Develop relationships and engage our alumni.

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