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Economic activity attributable to crop protection products

$17.6 billion of Australian agricultural output is attributable to CPP

A Deloitte Access Economics report estimating crop protection products' contribution to both the national economy and agricultural output.

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Economic activity attributable to crop protection products

Deloitte Access Economics was engaged by CropLife Australia to estimate the contribution of the crop protection products (CPP) industry to the Australian economy, and the Australian agricultural output attributable to the use of CPP.

CPP include herbicides, fungicides and insecticides, which are widely used in many sectors of the economy. For industry — particularly agriculture — it is a means of increasing the productivity of land. Governments also use CPP to control invasive or non-native species on public land (such as roadsides and in national parks). They are also widely used by households for backyard gardening and pest control, in commercial buildings and maritime applications. That noted, this report focuses on the contribution of CPP in these agricultural and government uses, excluding use in households, buildings and maritime applications.

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