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At Deloitte, our Private Markets team understands that business owners and entrepreneurs have vision with enterprise at its heart. You want to grow, expand and pioneer new territory to achieve great dreams and make your mark.

Together we work with you, bringing the benefits of global reach and industry experience, to help you achieve your goals by providing a multi-disciplined, tailored approach. Helping you achieve your ambition is key, but we also have the confidence to challenge you with robust advice, with the commitment to keep you going in the right direction. This, we believe, is our chief value to you and your business success. We understand your business challenges.

Business Growth & Funding

For most business owners, growth is about:

  • Efficient balance sheet structuring
  • Securing development and expansion funding
  • Raising capital for specific projects
  • Undertaking acquisitions.

And while growth is an undeniably important driver for any entrepreneur, achieving a profitable exit – working towards the end game – can be another key strategic consideration.


How we help

With the above motivators in mind, our Private Companies & Entrepreneurs team is dedicated to providing you with a full range of services, including:

  • Brand and business evaluation
  • Target profiling
  • Advisory services
  • Transaction services
  • Due diligence
  • Post merger integration.

Business Performance & Structuring

Sooner or later in the business life cycle, successful private companies want to initiate and strengthen the right kind of business relationships in order to move to the next level.

The Deloitte Private Markets team can provide strategic insight and influence precisely where and when you need it, using our wealth of experience and depth of knowledge and industry expertise to steer you in the right direction.

Private business owners face an important series of decisions; not only to find a tax efficient structure that's best for their business today, but with sufficient flexibility to maximise future opportunities for growth and create a valuable exit. As an additional layer, your wealth creation strategy will be enhanced if it is accompanied by complementary personal tax planning.


We help you with:  

  • Strategy and execution, commercial due diligence, customer and channel strategy
  • Supply chain, finance and performance management
  • Human Capital – Rewards and benefits, organisational culture and change, pensions, actuarial and insurance solutions
  • IT strategy, technical architecture and network services
  • Reviewing, planning and structuring transactions
  • Corporate tax compliance services
  • Tax consulting
  • Pension planning
  • International tax advice 
  • Wealth creation planning

Business Compliance & Regulation

Our audit offering is one of the cornerstones of Deloitte, and is exceptionally well placed to serve ambitious and dynamic businesses.

To enhance the confidence of your stakeholders, Deloitte – Private Markets offer you a tailored audit approach and unique methodologies; an approach that fits in with the scale of your operations and highlights areas of risk, both for you as an individual and for your business.


How we can help

From the very earliest stages in a business life cycle, Deloitte – Private Markets offers support with a range of services from business planning advice through to help with accounting and reporting functions, or dealing with other complex issues such as performance, structuring, controls and regulatory compliance.

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Patrick Loftus

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Kirsty Newman


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