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2020 Corporate Governance Annual Publication

Deloitte Vietnam coordinates with Ho Chi Minh City stock exchange to publish the 2020 Corporate Governance Annual Publication Under the theme: “Exercising the board's oversight role"

HANOI, May 2020 – Deloitte Vietnam Company Limited (Deloitte Vietnam) in coordination with Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE) has published the first Corporate Governance Annual Publication under the theme “Exercising the Board’s oversight role”.

In recent years, “digital economy transformation” has been no longer a new topic of discussion, but a popular trend that has been affecting the success of many businesses’ strategies. In fact, the application of digital transformation is helping businesses to operate effectively; to save costs; to enhance employee skills, knowledge and client experience; to support in abiding to rules and regulations on information disclosure and maintain advantages in the context of competitive landscape. Aside from opportunities, organisations on the digital path could expose themselves to a torrent of new risks - strategic, ethical, cultural, reputational, reporting, talent, and conduct risks – to name just a few. The risks of digital transformation are changing rapidly due to different reasons; unprecedented and unpredictable risks sometimes may arise. Amid COVID-19 pandemic, digital economy transformation has become an indispensable trend for businesses; and accordingly, the Board of Directors’ (BOD) strategic role in the digital economy also needs to transform in order to adapt this trend while reserving the corporate culture values.

In order to help enterprises face the challenges, Deloitte Vietnam and HOSE co-publish the 2020 Corporate Governance Annual Publication under the theme “Exercising the Board’s oversight role”, with the aim of raising awareness on how businesses plan, apply digital and cognitive technology in their business operation, assess and monitor the business-related risks. Comprising the sharing from top-tiered global and local governance experts, the Publication provides insightful analysis on highlighted topics such as Human Resource Management and Culture Risks. The application of innovative technologies has brought many challenges to the BOD in terms of abilities and competencies during the process of overseeing and managing reputation risk brought by technology and digital transformation.

Besides the strategic long-term insights, the Publication proposes numerous practical recommendations for the BOD to manage crisis during and post the Covid-19 pandemic.

Madame Ha Thu Thanh, Chairperson of Deloitte Vietnam, remarked that: “Following the trend of digital technology development, it is an honor for Deloitte Vietnam to co-operate with HOSE in co-publishing the 2020 Governance Corporate Annual Publication. We hope this Publication will provide beneficial information to the BOD in exercising their oversight roles. This co-operation has marked an important milestone in our partnership, heading to the 29-year anniversary of Deloitte Vietnam, and 20-year anniversary of HOSE.”

Please find the detailed 2020 CG Annual Publication here.

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