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Deloitte Vietnam: 25-Year Journey of Excellence

On May 13, 2016, Deloitte Vietnam will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Our first Vietnamese independent audit commenced in 1991 when the first audit company, Vietnam Auditing Company (VACO) - the precursor of Deloitte Vietnam was established on May 13, 1991.

In 1992, VACO joined hands with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu International (DTT), to expand our international and technical expertise in Vietnam. This cooperation was later followed by an important turning point in Deloitte Vietnam’s development through the establishment of an audit joint venture company called VACO Deloitte in 1995. This joint venture company signified the integration of the company and signaled a new direction for the Vietnamese independent audit sector.

Two years later, VACO Deloitte once again changed its operating form and became an official member of Deloitte & Touche. This change transformed a local audit company into a member and representative of an international professional services network.

Fast forward to the year 2007, an important milestone in our development in the Vietnamese market. VACO Deloitte was the first company to successfully transform its ownership and to apply a new governance model - becoming Deloitte Vietnam, a full member firm of the Deloitte Global network, the seventh company in Southeast Asia to achieve this status.

In the same year, the Deloitte member firms in Brunei, Guam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam joined into an ASEAN collaboration and in 2011, Vietnam became one of the founding countries of the Deloitte Southeast Asia member firm, working together with the rest of the countries as one Deloitte across the region to providing seamless service to our clients.

After becoming an official member firm of the world’s leading professional services network, Deloitte Vietnam consistently recorded the highest rate of growth amongst the accounting firms in Vietnam.

After 25 years of continual development and success, Deloitte Vietnam has now embarked on another journey under new leadership. In spite of the challenging economic climate, there are also many opportunities and you can be sure that Deloitte will strive to ensure we continue to succeed in the future and become Vietnam’s - and the world’s - undisputed leader in professional services.

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