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It is not all about work at Deloitte. There's time for fun and relaxation too as we organize fun days and excursions.

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Sports Activities at Deloitte

Besides of dilligent working hours, Deloitte people have many sports activities to relax themselves such as Deloitte Summer Football Cup; Big4 Cup, Deloitte Badminton Cup… which always attract a great number of staff to attend.

Deloitte Summer Football Cup 2014 is a tournament gathering four strong and potential teams coming from different organizations: Deloitte Hanoi office, Finance, Accounting and Audit Department of Petro Vietnam, The State Audit – Department 7 and Accounting & Audit Department of the Ministry of Finance. This tournament was very successful with the dedication of all footballers and the enthusiastic cheers from the audience.

The 2014 Badminton Cup is organized during nice weather of Hanoi Autumn for Deloitte athletes cross functions.

Annually, Big4 Football Cup is held within four strong teams coming from Big4 accounting firms. Besides of exciting matches, Deloitte Cheering Team always bring their great performances to the audience.  

At Deloitte, you will have extensive opportunities to inspire others and to be inspired yourself. It is not all about work. There's time for fun and relaxation too as we organize fun days to balance work and life.

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