Generative AI

Debunking common misconceptions to realise organisational value

In this paper, we will explore the common misconceptions of Generative AI to realise organisational value, understand Gen AI's potential and learn how to optimise value of your enterprise through both internal and external capabilities.

Like the internet before it, Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) has the
potential to drive exponential transformative change across a wide range of
industries and sectors, from healthcare to education, finance and
entertainment. Skip forward a few years and just like the internet, it’s
likely we won’t be able to imagine life without it.

Gen AI’s ability to understand natural language, interact with users and
replicate higher-order intelligence is simply game-changing. Not only is it
democratising AI by making it easy for everyone to use, but it also opens the
door to a huge leap forward in what’s possible in the current era of

However, despite Gen AI’s potential to make enterprises enormously more
productive, many organisations remain cautious about this transformative
technology. Common misconceptions include:

Deloitte’s Generative AI practice works with clients to harness the power of Gen AI and leading AI foundation models to enhance clients’ productivity, accelerate the pace of business innovation and deliver genuine value. This includes using Google Cloud’s Gen AI capabilities to design, build, implement and scale tailored solutions that help clients to responsibly benefit from this transformative technology. 

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