A design-led approach to business planning

Empathise, experiment, iterate and execute

In order to be a competitive and profitable business in long term, there is a growing need for organisations to seek new gateways of business thinking by applying new tools and methods to bring more value for customers. Progressively, companies need to embark on design-thinking to enhance customer experience and foster management thinking from the increasing complexity of modern technology and business processes.

This is why awareness of a design-led approach for business strategy is becoming crucial. Design-thinking takes aim at the heart of unnecessary business strategy complexity by putting the customer experience first – helping to create innovation while improving productivity by designing solutions that are at once compelling, enjoyable, and simple.

In this publication, we explore some of the opportunities that a design-led approach can offer businesses, integrating design-thinking into the business planning process. Then, we take a deeper dive into designing a Centre of Excellence for an organisation in the healthcare industry.

A design-led approach to business planning
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