The essence of resilient leadership - VN Version

Building recovery after COVID-19

Resilient leaders shift organizational mindsets, navigate uncertainties, and invest in building trust in order to develop a recovery playbook that serves as a solid foundation for the post-COVID future.

COVID-19 is a test for the resilient leaders, through which the leadership ability can be refined at its best. With that being said, the situation truly evaluates many businesses as well as the leaders’ values. In the crucible of crisis, resilient leaders are defined first by who they are and what they do at different times and across multiple priorities, how they guide their organizations through uncertainties. 

Deloitte has developed the following resources to help guide all leaders in organizations through the impacts of the current challenge and emerge more resilient. The first publication was published in April 2020 with the subject "The heart of resilient leadership"; and this second publication, titled "The essence of resilient leadership", will share about the motto of "living with resilience", changing the mindset of leaders from "today" to "tomorrow", and the next steps to Recover and Thrive.

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