Handbook for SMEs to recover and thrive post COVID-19

Respond, recover and thrive in crisis

The guideline focuses on bringing solutions for SMEs to cope with a crisis such as COVID-19. There are three main parts, addressing the most pressing concerns: Idenitfying affected areas, main principles when dealing with a crisis, and applying those principles to recover and thrive.

With the motto "Creating positive effects for the community", throughout its 175-year history, Deloitte has always accompanied customers and partners to overcome many crises, wars, or conflicts around the world. Facing the second outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Deloitte Vietnam and VCCI published a handbook with detailed guidelines to help SMEs to recover and thrive under current adverse conditions.

The handbook highlights three main concerns for any companies during the pandemic: effects of the crisis on companies, main principles that companies need to adhere to in this situation, and how to apply those principles most effectively to find the correct strategy to thrive while maintaining business leadership and persistently building trust from partners.

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Handbook for SMEs to recover and thrive post COVID-19
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