Doing Business in Vietnam 2018

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Deloitte Vietnam has recently co-published the “Doing Business in Vietnam 2018” guidebook with the Foreign Investment Agency of Ministry of Investment and Planning for the national conference on “30-year FDI attraction in Vietnam” held in Hanoi on October 4.

Vietnam has been enjoying strong economic growth. Since 1990, Vietnam’s GDP per capita growth has been among the fastest in the world, averaging 6.4 per cent a year in the 2000s. Despite crisis and uncertainties in the global environment, Vietnam’s economy continues to grow, with GDP reaching 6.81 per cent in 2017, and is expected to continue on this path. Overseas businesses are increasingly attracted by the country’s move from a centralized to a market- oriented economy and its 95 million-strong population, which features a large and young workforce as well as an increase in disposable income in recent years.

This guidebook was prepared by the Foreign Investment Agency of Vietnam in cooperation with Deloitte Vietnam to provide readers with an overview of the business environment, forms of business organization, taxation, and business and accounting practices in Vietnam. We hope that you find this book useful in your endeavour to expand your business in Vietnam.

Doing Business in Vietnam 2018
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