Transfer Pricing in Vietnam amidst Covid-19

Issues and recommended solutions

The Covid-19 pandemic has created multiple impacts to the business operation such as the disruption of traditional supply chains, low profit margin than anticipated, operation idle or business closure, etc. Each of those matters would require finance and tax executives at both local companies in Vietnam and headquarters to revisit and reflect the businesses in "new normal" context. 

Thus, on July 09 2020, Deloitte Vietnam has successfully organized the webinar  “The issues relating to Transfer Pricing in Vietnam within Covid-19 context – Recommended solutions” discussing the ways businesses are currently applying to cope with the impacts of Covid-19 and proper approaches to address those matters. With the participation of more than 180 audiences, this is an initiative hosted by Deloitte Vietnam in the efforts of assisting Finance and Tax leaders to consolidate and prepare their business operations in the "new normal" state.