Posted: 30 Apr. 2020 2 min. read

My digital risk experience

Throughout my role as Business Analyst at Deloitte Middle East, I’ve been exposed to several rewarding experiences and opportunities within Cyber & Technology Risk (CTR). Joining its workforce two years ago, Deloitte became my first formal employer following receiving my Bachelor’s degree from the UK. Since then, I have been part of a number of enriching opportunities including directly working with and supporting clients – one of the most enjoyable aspects of my professional job. I also fully appreciate other aspects of the job I am entrusted to deliver that can further hone my management and leadership skills.

One of these other aspects was being part of the management of the Middle East component of the 2019 Global Digital Risk Survey. I was nominated by our CTR leader and my career coach to lead the progress of Deloitte Middle East through the 2019 Global Digital Risk Survey. I was both honored by the nomination and excited to take on this responsibility.

This survey aims to gather perspectives from senior executives on the risk implications of disruptive technology and digital transformation on their organizations. My role was simple: Maximizing our participation from key players in the Middle East to gain a better and wider understanding of the scope and impact of disruptive technologies in the region. The opportunity not only involved contributing to a global initiative but also deepening engagement with clients throughout the region. Importantly, I had been given a platform that allows me to engage directly with our leaders and managers.

After a participation target was set, we devised an engagement plan for delivery and participation. We knew that contacting people directly would go a long way and was a more productive route than written communication.

The result? We exceeded our target response rate significantly. Gaining this increased participation from regional players widened insight and understanding into the Middle East landscape. The final survey report describes the most widely adopted trends globally and regionally, and provides perspectives on the opportunities and challenges brought by the adoption of disruptive technology which can support organizational transformations. You can access the full survey here.

A great example of the opportunities available for early career ‘Deloitters’ like me is the support and trust provided by the leaders every step of the way. Being able to make first-hand positive impact on the results and support the team in delivering outcomes successfully really was a proud milestone for me.

Reflecting on this experience, I saw first-hand the power of proactivity. Being proactive, open to experiences, and willing to go the extra mile – which usually means temporarily additional workload and responsibilities – go a long way in professional life. Coupled with the opportunities for personal development that Deloitte has to offer, this creates a world of learning available to those willing to extend an arm.

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