Posted: 17 Dec. 2019 2 min. read

My journey with Deloitte Digital

I joined Deloitte Digital back in November 2018 as a business analyst. With a background in Computer Systems Engineering along with a high level of interest in technologies and robotics, I was sent to the Robotics academy in Northern Ireland (NI) to get certified in Robotics Process Automation (RPA), and that is where my journey began with Deloitte Digital.

The Robotics academy is a collaboration between Belfast Met University and Deloitte NI, where the academy works on giving theoretical and practical training sessions around RPA to prepare students to become certified in the subject. During this 6-week training, my personal experience was amazing where I got the chance to meet and work with  people from Deloitte NI, become familiarized with a different work environment, and get RPA market insights.

After coming back to Riyadh in February 2019 post the 6 weeks RPA training, I was considered as an RPA resource for the Deloitte Digital Center (DDC), under the Analytics & Cognitive offering, which was officially launched in September 2019. Between February and September, I was working full time on improving my practical RPA skills where I worked with multiple clients and successfully developed several RPA proof of concepts that can operate within different industries. As a result, I became more experienced in the subject and I was honored to be chosen to present the RPA asset to global Deloitte and industry leaders during DDC’s official launch.

The DDC will support the growing focus on digital initiatives by businesses and the public sector in KSA and across the Middle East, by enabling the delivery of end-to-end innovative digital solutions at scale – from strategy and design through to implementation.

The DCC provides a collaborative environment in which clients can test and refine concepts, experiment with pioneering innovations and digital technologies, create new services and business models, before they are brought to market. Providing such services in the region through our DDC makes me very motivated to work in such an environment as I look forward to seeing how these technologies and innovative ideas will reflect back on the region and how much impact they will make.

Being part of the DDC is an amazing experience as I am getting the chance to work with the brightest minds in the technical field, not just to consult, but also to implement technology solutions and make an actual impact. The working environment at the DDC is agile, with numerous team building activities, and there are many creative drawings on most of the walls that makes this center an exciting and creative place to work in. I can’t wait to see what my next digital adventure with Deloitte will be.

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