Posted: 08 Aug. 2022 2.5 min. read

Young innovators solving your daily challenge

Work-life balance

Deloitte Lebanon, in collaboration with Injaz Al Arab, has managed to inspire the young and talented students of Université Saint-Joseph (USJ) to cross the boundaries of their university curriculum and tackle a real life business challenge faced by many employees across the globe: work-life balance.

Before sharing with you the creative idea that the future talents came up with, let us mention that as Deloitte employees, we’ve both volunteered with Injaz on many occasions; yet this day has been one of the most memorable and exciting experiences. The young students exceeded our expectations when it came to understanding life at Deloitte and creatively attempted to transform our daily work-life into a more fruitful and balanced one.

How could a university student know about the workload we handle and the challenges we face, you might ask? In order to gain this understanding, the multidisciplinary students exploited every possible resource at their disposal to demonstrate a perfect and comprehensive understanding of the employees’ current work environment and succeeded in providing several innovative technical solutions to the proposed business challenge. The innovation camp, which stretched over a full day of learning and effective teamwork, guided by Deloitte facilitators and Injaz professionals, saw all participants working towards the same objective. Each team of around eight students worked on developing an individual business idea and present them in an attempt to convince the panel of judges, which included Deloitte Beirut partners, to adopt their innovative concept.

While most teams offered numerous services and ideas that would facilitate employees’ daily commute to work, allow them to enjoy power naps during the day, and provide them with different means of relaxation, one team stood out from the rest by introducing the platform they named “Well.App”. The idea behind it is for employees to use a simple online application to plan get-togethers, sports events, unofficial trainings or discussions, activities, social outings, etc.

This creative idea not only focused on facilitating and simplifying the way employees interact with each other and plan events by consolidating all types of activities happening daily, but it also focused on enriching the relationships and bonds of all employees in different departments of the firm. Individuals who do not directly work with each other can get to know one another through such group events and outings. While using the application, employees can check out events happening daily and request to join activities they are interested in or even create their own events and ask who is interested to join them. This winning project earned the team of six USJ students their first spot in the competition and a chance to experience for themselves what it is like to work at Deloitte.

Work-life balance in any organization is key to productivity and well-being and this experience has certainly been an eye opener!

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