Mapping the recovery The geography of jobs

01 July 2014

Explore the complex shifts in employment occurring throughout the American economy through a series of graphics.

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Complex shifts in employment are occurring throughout the American economy, with unique mixtures of gains and losses sweeping across the spectrum of industries and in different regions of the country. We have prepared a series of interactive graphics that will allow you to interrogate the employment data yourself. The interactive charts will allow you to zoom in on individual states and consider the sectoral composition of their economy, their differential recovery by industry, and the relationship between population change and employment change.

For full interactive experience, please view charts on a larger device.

Mapping America’s recovery


Winners and losers on the road to recovery


Regional bright spots


Dive deeper into the composition of state economies


We also invite you to share your insights about the geography of jobs with other readers. As you discover new patterns and trends in these interactive charts, please tweet them to #GeographyofJobs, and join the conversation!