Frequently Asked Questions

BrightStart Apprenticeship program

When and how do I apply?

Applications for the BrightStart Apprenticeship program are open for a limited time only. Apply now.

Where will I work?

This program is entirely Riyadh-based so BrightStart Apprentices will start in one of our two Deloitte Riyadh offices. However, with more experience, apprentices can gradually expect to be located on client sites around the city (and potentially around the country), at the very heart of project activities.

Are private areas available for women in the KSA Deloitte offices?

Yes, both of our Riyadh offices have an appropriate area available for women who prefer to work in a female-only space. This section is also well-served by women-only amenities connected to it for optimal comfort.

What qualifications do I need?

While we do expect strong academic achievement, we are also interested in getting to know you, your passions and the motivations that drive you.

As a minimum, please refer to the minimum academic requirements for the program within the application form and confirm that you meet these before submitting your application form.

Please note that if you’ve already graduated from university, you won’t be able to join our BrightStart Apprenticeship program. Explore the opportunities available as part of our Graduate program.

Will I be supported when I start at Deloitte?

Moving on from high school into the professional world is a big step for anyone. We understand that. Which is why we offer apprentices plenty of support from the start.

Even before the first day, each apprentice will be given a Deloitte buddy from the business area you plan join. They can answer any questions you have before and after joining the firm. There will also be welcome dinners and events that provides an opportunity to connect with the team and the other apprentices before your first day.

Once you’re here, you’ll have a large support network that includes your team of colleagues and HR contacts. Best of all, as part of a group of apprentices, you will have a ready-made network of peers who are similar in age to you and embarking on the same career journey from day one.

Who can I contact if I still have more questions?

If you still have more questions for us, feel free to contact the Apprenticeship Talent Team at