Global CFO Signals™


Global CFO Signals™

Global CFO Signals provides highlights of recent CFO survey results from Deloitte member firms. It includes opinions on a range of areas including the economic outlook, financial markets business trends, their organizations and CFO careers.

How does CFO sentiment in Q1 2015 break down?


While levels of uncertainty are on the rise, many CFOs have the opportunity and the wherewithal to focus on corporate growth. And judging by the results of the 17 countries reporting in the Q1 2015 edition of Global CFO Signals, they intend to take full advantage.

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Highlights from previous Global CFO Signals reports


2014 Q4 Global CFO Signals: Entering 2015 cautiously upbeat

Going into 2015, CFOs globally appear upbeat, if restrained. In the Q4 edition of Global CFO Signals, CFOs’ optimism about their own companies’ prospects remains positive in all but one of the 11 surveys featured.

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2014 Q3 Global CFO Signals: Geopolitical risks cast shadows

What a difference a quarter can make. Three months ago, many finance chiefs seemed to be uniting in their shared optimism.

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2014 Q2 Global CFO Signals: Wanted: Political and regulatory clarity

For CFOs, these may indeed be the best of times. Uncertainty is down. Asset prices are up. Interest rates remain stable. And cash and credit continue to be plentiful.

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2014 Q1 Global CFO Signals: Signs of a sustainable recovery?

Ask CFOs around the globe about the economic environment, and many of them will tell you that uncertainty is down, corporate prospects are up, and their risk appetite is close to ravenous.

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