Saudi Arabia’s Anti-bribery and Corruption Law | 2.0

Saudi Arabia has increased enforcement of anti-bribery and anti-corruption regulations through more reporting, communication and oversight. These measures are significantly combating bribery and influencing societal perspectives.

Our previous paper discussed the Kingdom’s anti-corruption legislation, including 2021 amendments and efforts by the Oversight and Anti-corruption Authority, Nazaha. These changes have led to shifts in behaviour within Saudi Arabia, with many organisations enhancing measures to prevent misconduct.

The 2021 amendments extended the anti-bribery law to cover non-governmental and private sector entities, including international organisations, which aligns with Vision 2030 and substantial international investments.

The new laws target both public and private sectors, sending a strong message against misconduct. Organisations must understand and comply with these laws to prevent bribery or face consequences.

Download the report to learn more about KSA's anti-bribery measures and their impact on public and private sectors.

Saudi Arabia’s Anti-bribery and Corruption Law | 2.0
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