Enterprise contact center

A strategic opportunity for health care providers

​A contact center can help provide a more integrated experience across the major contact points throughout a patient’s lifecycle

For many businesses, consumer interaction is delivered through a wide range of channels and engagement capabilities, with the contact center often serving as the hub of these capabilities. The role of a contact center in shaping consumers’ overall experience with an organization continues to gain importance as it allows a direct, two-way voice in the consumer interaction–enabling relationship building. The contact center can be critical to delivering a differentiating patient experience, helping drive loyalty and increasing market share for health care providers.

Many health care providers today operate across a large network of geographically distributed hospitals, physician practices, ambulatory centers, and diagnostic centers that serve patients independently at each facility–each under a different set of policies and procedures. A contact center can help to unify the disjointed experience across various facilities and locations, enabling a consistent and high-quality patient experience that helps develop long-term consumer loyalty.

Enterprise contact center: A strategic opportunity for health care providers is a brief, informative piece which explores:

  • How health care providers are leveraging contact centers to unify the patient experience
  • Recommended steps to define and operationalize an enterprise contact center
  • A high-level approach to execute the contact center transformation and become a consumer-centric organization

Providers are going through a significant amount of change, and it will be critical to effectively manage the patient journey. A contact center can help providers increase their market share by delivering a differentiated and consistent experience while reducing operational costs.

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85 percent of organizations in Deloitte’s 2015 Global Contact Center Survey view customer experience provided through contact centers as a competitive differentiator–can health care leverage this capability for competitive differentiation?

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