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The Nordic Social Welfare Model – Lessons for the Middle East

A possible model to pressing societal challenges for nations around the world

The Nordic nations – Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden – have some of the most successful public sectors in the world.  And they have similar approaches to social welfare with government programs that offer high levels of social support as a result of a historical high level of taxation.

This model has been able to achieve growth and substantial equality across the Nordic societies. And it is clear that the model, and the social contract underpinning it, seems to be intact. That is why many other nations look towards the Nordic model as a great source of inspiration.

Our colleagues in Deloitte Denmark have conducted a thorough analysis, The Nordic Social Welfare Model, which we are bringing to life in a Middle Eastern-context.

Join our webinar with our Middle East and Nordic experts on the subject:

  • Introduction and relevance for the middle east
  • Key features of the model: the nordic equation
  • The future of the model: challenges and actions
  • Questions & answers

 Throughout the webinar, we will dive into how the model can offer insights about providing a social ‘safety net’, reforming the public sector and supporting economic competitiveness in the face of disruption. We believe that the lessons learned by the Nordic nations can be beneficial for our countries in GCC to address the current climate and develop solutions to pressing social challenges.

Event details:

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
(UAE time)

60 mins

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