Law firms VAT essentials course

Interactive training

Law firms VAT essentials course is an interactive training session designed to prepare law firms for the introduction of VAT in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Whilst we are still waiting for domestic legislation in all six countries of the GCC, the VAT Treaty is now available. Applying basic VAT concepts and the concepts of the Treaty, most of the VAT rules applicable to law firm services are therefore predictable and law firms can get ready earlier than they may think. 

Furthermore, as advisor’s lawyers are in a unique position of being relied on by their clients on all legal issues – tax is just another. Therefore, our course will give lawyers confidence on the basics of VAT – enabling them to speak to clients about VAT issues and identify where further thinking is required particularly in respect of contractual issues.

Deloitte’s Tax practice in the Middle East is organizing its law firms VAT academy course in Dubai on Monday, July 17, 2017. 



Session 1: The UAE VAT fundamentals

  • What does the UAE VAT framework include?
  • Do I need to register?
  • How are supplies treated?
  • Can I recover input VAT?
  • How do I comply?
  • How are disbursements and other expenses treated? 

Session 2: The wider GCC VAT environment

  • What is going on with the wider GCC VAT environment?
  • How will my sales and purchases to the other GCC countries be affected?
  • How do I treat dealings with non GCC countries?
  • How are branch offices treated?
  • What problems will my clients have?
  • What are the VAT issues with contracts?

We look forward to seeing at our event. 

Additional Details

The venue will be communicated in the confirmation email.

09:30 am till 1:00 pm, followed by lunch.

Attendance Fee
AED 4,000.

To register as an attendee, please get in touch.