Inclusion and diversity

At Deloitte, we believe that an inclusive mindset and diverse workforce are two of our greatest competitive strengths. That’s why we continue to reinforce our commitment to creating a culture where everyone has equal opportunity to grow, develop, succeed and be their truest selves. This includes holding each other accountable when it comes to always providing a truly inclusive culture; it also includes a focus on increasing gender representation at all levels across Deloitte.

We recognize that continuing to succeed in this area requires a consistent focus on culture alongside targeted initiatives and actions. For example:

  • Deloitte member firms have adopted progressively advanced talent initiatives—including embedding modernized and flexible ways of working, family leave and return-to-work policies. Member firm CEOs have committed to delivering on these initiatives and their progress is reported to the Deloitte Global CEO, Deloitte Global Executive and Deloitte Global Board of Directors on a regular basis.
  • Several Deloitte member firms have been recognized in their own markets as leading employers for their work in advancing gender diversity through significant third-party awards and benchmarks. 
  • Deloitte leaders in Australia, Canada, UK, US and other countries have been publicly recognized for their focus on gender diversity and inclusion and/or serve on boards of organizations that promote inclusion.
  • Globally, Deloitte provides a safe work environment for all its people through strong policies against discrimination, sexual harassment or other forms of inappropriate behavior.

In addition to Deloitte’s focus on gender diversity, we are also working on other aspects of diversity. For example, we were a proud signatory of a letter of support for the Standards of Conduct for Business in Tackling Discrimination against Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans and Intersex people (the LGBTI Standards) put forth by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. Member firms around the world are active participants in Pride Month. Many Deloitte member firms offer their people opportunities through global business resource groups (BRGs) to connect and build networks with others who share affinity indicators such as gender, race, religion and sexual orientation. Some member firms have also established councils that bridge gaps between single-identity workplace groups, recognizing the importance of intersectionality.

These are some of the significant reasons why Deloitte is recognized as a desirable workplace by organizations that include Great Place to Work (US and UK), LinkedIn (US), National Association of Female Executives (US), The Times (UK), Glassdoor, Universum (in which business students ranked Deloitte fourth among the world’s most attractive employers) and more.

While we are proud of the accolades we have earned and the policies and programs we have implemented to lead in the areas of inclusion and diversity, we understand that this is a journey which requires our continued commitment and focus. Thus, we continue to prioritize our culture, our ways of working and our workplace to ensure that we always promote equality and provide opportunities for all.


Patty Pogemiller
Managing Director, Deloitte Services LP

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