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A collection of webinars, podcasts, and other events sharing Deloitte's insights on COVID-19 focused on the Middle East

Webinar series:

COVID-19: The impact on technology and digital transformation in KSA

In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Yesser invited Deloitte to deliver a series of webinars to share learning with KSA Government departments, with the aim of providing information and expertise to support them to navigate through the evolving crisis and beyond. Further details of the topics, speakers, and recordings of the sessions can be accessed via the links below.

Crisis Management, Cyber and Business Resilience 

19 April 2020 - It is important for organizations to set up an integrated and cross-functional taskforce or crisis management function, during times of crisis, while also maintaining "business as usual". Cyber threats are heightened during this crisis, which can have a significant impact on organizational resilience. The speakers discuss practical advice on securing systems infrastructure for today and for the future.

Digitizing your Supply Chain

21 April 2020 - COVID-19 is a catalyst for organizations and entities to transform their entire supply chain, to adopt Digital Supply chain Network models and capabilities. The speakers assess what organizations, including Public Sector departments in KSA need to consider as potential implications as they manage their supply chain.

The Future of Digital Work

26 April 2020 - The trends around Future of Work are leading to an unleashed organization, connected on digital platforms, and able to work anywhere at any time. These changes are impacting all industries as advances in technology fundamentally change the work itself, who does the work, and where it needs to be done. Best practices and guidance is shared on continuing the Future of Work journey during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

How to maintain citizen confidence and loyalty during COVID-19?

28 April 2020 - Citizens are looking to their governments for information, guidance and leadership, during and post #COVID-19. This is a time for governments to look ahead and consider the improved and innovative offerings they can launch in the market. 

The role of IT in maximizing investments and releasing efficiencies 

3 May 2020 - The role that Technology and Digital Leaders need to play to address financial implications during the COVID-19 crisis in addressing potential financial implications, and maximizing the investment in new technology, to improve and release efficiencies.

VAT implications of COVID-19 in the GCC

1 April - This 60-minute webinar is aimed at providing guidance on the Indirect Tax implications of COVID-19 in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).





Deloitte Middle East Consulting - The Knowledge Exchange Series on remote working

23 April - Our Deloitte Middle East experts explored some practical advice to get the most out of remote working as most professionals have been thrust into working from home. In this webinar, our experts discussed the ways in which you can stay engaged and connected to your colleagues, and how you can get more out of virtual meetings and workshops.

Webinar series

COVID-19: Economic effects, the business response

Session 1

23 March - Deloitte Middle East experts discuss the implications and potential response strategies of COVID-19 from an operational and financial level for businesses. 

Session 2

31 March - Our experts return and others join to discuss the challenges and resolutions that businesses in the Oil & Gas and Healthcare sector can take to combat COVID-19.

Session 3

6 April - Our Deloitte Middle East experts will provide insight on the challenges organizations are currently facing and recommendations on actions they can take today from economic, regulatory, and cyber security perspectives. This session will discuss the toll COVID-19 has taken on the Education sector and the necessary steps to surpass the challenges. Takeaways of this webinar include insights, updates and practical steps towards addressing the challenges from the impact of COVID-19.

Session 4

13 April - Our Deloitte Middle East experts will provide an update on the current economic outlook and discuss the impact of COVID-19 on tax authority and contractual obligations.

Session 5

20 April - Our Deloitte Middle East experts will provide an update on the current economic outlook and discuss the role of data analytics in managing COVID-19. We will also explore the impact of COVID-19 on financial reporting and the potential digital health has on mitigating implications.

Session 6

11 May - Our Deloitte Middle East experts will discuss the new normal that is expected to arise in a post-pandemic world. We will be welcoming guest speaker from our South Korea team to provide insights on managing the implications of COVID-19 and the elements that could apply and succeed in the Middle East region. This webinar will also consist of a panelist discussion around the features of the new normal and the way life and work has been impacted by this unprecedented event.

Combating COVID-19 with resilience

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