Deloitte Discovery

High volumes of data, documents and communications can be found
across any modern business.

Organisations need to manage data and evidence effectively during
a time of crisis, in a manner that is secure, resilient and legally defensible.
The demands of high-paced commercial disputes, corporate investigations, or
increasing regulatory and compliance requirements can put a strain on
operations and distract from strategic objectives.

Deloitte’s Middle East Discovery team, combined with the capability of its global Discovery business, provides deep industry experience and advanced technical expertise in handling challenging matters. We will work collaboratively with our clients to help benefit from the latest legal technologies and workflow techniques.

We offer data collection, processing and hosting services across the Middle East utilising our secure and state-of-the-art Digital Forensic labs and hosting facilities based in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, or through scalable mobile solutions on-site discovery requirements. 


Global leader in eDiscovery Services (IDC MarketScape 2021)


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Neil Hargreaves

Neil Hargreaves

Partner | Forensic

Neil is based in Saudi Arabia and leads Deloitte’s Forensic practice in the Middle East, having previously been a Partner with Deloitte in the UK. He is a Forensic Accountant with over 30 years of exp... More

Rana Shashaa

Rana Shashaa

Partner | Forensic

Rana is a Partner in Deloitte's Forensic practice specialised in leading large and complex investigations throughout the Middle East, both for public and private sector bodies as well as Dispute Servi... More

Boray Altunisler

Boray Altunisler

Director | Forensic

Boray leads the Electronic Discovery team within the Forensic Technology practice in the Middle East. He has extensive experience in the eDiscovery field in the Middle East and the UK, and has led a n... More