REflexions issue 8


REflexions - Issue 8

Real Estate - October 2018

In this edition of REflexions from Deloitte Luxembourg, we take an in-depth look at China and the results of the opening of the private sector investment in infrastructure, which has resulted in billions of US Dollars in investment. This in turn has caused the construction market to undergo rapid expansion and open the door to multiple investment opportunities from global investors.

Every industry has its own buzzwords and real estate is no different; some words transcend industries – Brexit and BEPS are obvious candidates. However there is another word on the horizon – co-working. A term that many have heard of but what is really behind this phenomenon? Our colleagues will endeavour to demystify and give their visions for the future – who knows maybe one day your company may be sharing office space in a library environment.

As the name of this publication suggests, REflexions is about giving serious thought and consideration to topics, information and challenges that affect your business. Hence, this magazine is not just about us imparting our knowledge to you, it is also the opportunity for you, our esteemed readership to make your voice heard and we look forward to your future contributions. 

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