Deloitte Tax Atlas – DST


Deloitte Tax Atlas – DST

A global view on Digital Services Taxes

As more countries look to implement unilateral Digital Services Taxes (“DSTs”) around the world, Deloitte has created an online portal which provides a high level summary of these measures as they are introduced.

Deloitte Tax Atlas helps you keep track of various Digital Services Taxes ("DSTs") being implemented around the world.

These DSTs typically comprise taxes which are applied to gross revenues arising from digital activities and which generally do not permit relief for related costs and expenses.

The information contained in the portal includes, for each DST, details of the current status, relevant thresholds and a high level scope of the legislation.

gx-tax-ftdw-3.jpg (150×150) Gain access to a high-level summary of proposed measures as they are introduced
gx-tax-ftdw-4.jpg (150×150) Get details on each DST such as the current status, relevant thresholds, and a high-level scope of the legislation

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