Impact of COVID19 on Tax in the Middle East

Monotoring the situation

In response to the COVID19 crisis, various countries are announcing certain measures to be taken towards this crisis. These measures, which vary in magnitude and scope, are intended to mitigate the economic and fiscal effects on businesses and individuals.

With times of uncertainty such as today, Deloitte is determined to guide and serve you through them. Below are the initiatives Deloitte is taking.  

2  April

Government temporarily exempts 905 items from customs duties in response to COVID-19

30 March Bahrain

Economic substance reporting deadline extended

30 March UAE

Update on economic substance notification deadlines

26 March UAE

Dubai closure of immigration offices

21 March KSA

Deadlines extended due to COVID19 for filing tax returns and paying taxes

Indirect Tax implications of COVID-19 in the GCC

This webinar explored VAT treatment of staff and remote working and medical goods and services, quarantine and cancellations’ impact on VAT payments and recovery, Customs, and the tax measurements taken by authorities. To access the recording, please follow this link.

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